Digital Commons Lab

Digital Commons Lab (DCL) is a research laboratory of the Digital Society center of FBK with the goal to design, develop and analyze digital commons based on open data.

what do we do

About DCL

The main sectors where DCL works are on the share and collaboration on the data data.
In particular the main goal is on the valorization of the open data, the creation of data spaces, and the analysis and crowdsourcing projects to share open data like OpenStreetMap. The digital commons lab wants to be a place to analyze the results of what is continuously produced by the communities with the aim of fostering their growth through the popularization of these themes and the analysis of the dynamics in the communities aiming to reduce the distances in the dialog with the public administration, the businesses and citizens.
Outputs of the lab are best practices, data visualizations and events designed for public institutions, companies and the communities themselves acting as a strong force for innovation not only on the technological side but, first and foremost, with a big social impact.

Keywords that distinguish us:
  • open data
  • open government
  • data spaces
  • digital transformation
  • smart cities
  • mobility
  • green deal
  • civic hacking
  • openstreetmap


some maps and data visualization made by DCL

Trento Time Travel Maps

A map to visit the story of Trento by different ways to overlaps ancient maps and modern maps.

Mapping Mobilities"

A historical and digital analysis of Trentino emigration between the 19th and 20th centuries

Bici Stressate dal Traffico

A map with information on stress for the cyclist on all the roads of Italy

Sidewalkwiths Italy

Map of the width of the sidewalks of Italy

Explorer FBK

Explore FBK administrative transparency data

Covid 19 Trentino

the dashboard with the data from the COVID-19 emergency health situation in Trentino

Trento Trees Eco-Benefit

A map to show the eco-benefits in Euro of each tree managed by the municipality of Trento (2020)


the DCL team is an ever-expanding network

Maurizio Napolitano

Head of Unit

Riccardo Nanni

researcher in data governance

Francesco Weikmann

junior developer

Pietro Bizzarro

Phd Student

Munazza Usmani

Phd Student in collaboration with the unit RSDE

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DCL offers opportunities to students for internships, thesis, PhD and even job


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University students

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Job Opportunity

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Former Members

DCL has grown thanks to the contributions of these beautiful people

Francesca De Chiara

social scientist - Francesca has been a member of DCL since its inception and thanks to her we have achieved important results and collaborations

Cristian Consonni

Ph.D. in Computer Science, free software activist, physicist and storyteller - Cristian started working with us after his graduation and then continued in a PhD and an academic career

Stefano Cudini

geospatial developer - Stefano's contribution to DCL was in the creation of geospatial applications and maps

Diletta Huyskes

research in data ethics - Diletta started from DCL

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Digital Commons Lab

The Digital Commons Lab is an unit of the Digital Society Center of Fondazione Bruno Kessler

DCL - Fondazione Bruno Kessler
Via Sommarive 18, 38123 Trento

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